When Romano Home Inspection Co. Inc. is contracted to inspect a condominium unit in a mid to large complex such as this, the inspection is only performed on the condominium unit living quarters walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets, windows, doors, decking, stairs guard rails, hand rails, under sink piping, plumbing fixtures, electrical systems and heating in the unit and egress areas including egress lighting for the unit. 

Condominium complex or complexes with a single multi unit building, large multi unit buildings roofs, exterior, basement, attics and common areas are not inspected and not part of the home inspection.  To inspect these areas in many cases it may take more than one full day and with many multi building complexes days even possibly a month.  That type of inspection is beyond the scope of the a residential home inspection. That would be considered a commercial inspection.  We do perform commercial inspections but have not been contracted to perform one on this complex.

With condominium complexes there may have been a (CIP) capital improvement plan conducted.  This is an inspection of the complex or complexes, inventory of all components of the building including roofs, exterior, grounds, basement, ETC. and cost estimates for repairs, remodeling and or upgrading. These improvements and or repairs are typically scheduled over multi year periods such as one to ten years.  This type of CIP is beyond the scope of the home inspection.  

Large condominium complexes should have a maintenance staff and or management company inspecting and performing general repairs.  In many cases sub contractors such as commercial roofing ETC are contracted to perform inspections and repairs when needed.

This inspection is for the condominium unit only.  I may comment on areas above and below the living quarters of that unit if issues pertain to the performance of the interior of the unit.

In closing, I strongly recommend you have your attorney review all condominium documents and inform you of any pending issues with the building or buildings (Assessment fees/Special assessment fees) as well as what your responsibilities are for that unit and or buildings and what the condominium association and or management company is responsible for. 

Thank you

John Romano/President

Romano Home Inspection Co. Inc.