You have just closed on your home or condominium, waived the home inspection and spending the first night there. Before you put your head on your pillow, do you wonder, is the electrical safe, is the heating system OK, are there any leaks in the plumbing? Is the fireplace and chimney safe for use? Does the building have wood rot and or wood destroying insect damage" What condition is the roof in, is the deck, porch and or balcony safe, are there hazardous materials in my home or condo? If fuel oil what condition is the tank in. Does the basement take on water? Is there any mold in my home or condo and does the home or condo have a rodent problem? These are what you should be concerned about among other areas of the property. Purchasing a property and waiving the inspection may have been your only option at the time. We can do the inspection after you purchase the property and provide a comprehensive inspection report which will provide you with the existing conditions of the property and arm you with a priority list for immediate repairs or replacement of a component. We ill provide you with a list of repairs which should be scheduled within the year and up to five years. Give us a call or email us. We can chat about the property and what you should expect of us. Thank you John Romano

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