When inspecting a new home, new condominium or a completely remodeled home or condominium, I have to take into consideration that the home or condo has no recent history. 

The home or condo can look and perform as designed when you move but over time problems can occur such as foundation cracking, water penetration in the basement, exterior leaks, roof leaks, leaks in the piping, heating and cooling systems not performing as designed, water staining on walls and ceilings and cracking in the walls and ceilings just name a few.

The inspection is designed to look for deficiencies as well as proper installations of visible components at the time of the inspection. I recommend you use the home inspection report as a guide to correct any issues found during the inspection and to follow up with maintenance and repair if recommended. As a homeowner you should also monitor the home or condo weekly for problems that can arise.

We cannot see inside walls and ceilings. Should leaks occur in piping and or failing support systems occur, concealed damage can be a result. They must be dealt with immediately.

You may have a warrantee with this property. I recommend you consider a follow up inspection, be conducted prior to the warrantee period due date is up. Any and all concerns found after the follow up inspection is completed can be listed and presented to the builder for repairs.