Dear John,

Not a day has gone by since you did the inspection of 57 Federal Street that Tim and I don't at some point say, "Thank God John did the home inspection." Because of what we learned from you during the inspection and in the report, we knew exactly what was most important to have the sellers fix and what we needed to be firm about in the inspection negotiations. They actually are doing quite a bit...nearly everything we asked! Today, we asked again for proof that a permit was pulled on the heating system in the basement (would never even have thought to do that without your recommendation), and sure enough, after they said they believed one was pulled and maybe the tag had just fallen off, it turned out that a permit was never pulled. They now are going to pay for a contractor of our choice to pull the permit, make sure the installation is correct, and have an inspector come to tag it. Given how relaxed they seem about actually getting permits, we also are asking for a permit to be pulled for the electrical work and for an inspector to come make sure it meets code. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. We will recommend you to everyone we know and are incredibly grateful for the time you took to not only do the inspection but also to teach us so much in the process. You really are amazing at what you do!

We also asked to meet with the neighbor and are going to have a more formal condo arrangement too! You were right about that too!

If you have any recommendations for someone to come and deal with the heating system, please let me know, and I definitely will pass along that person as who we want to do the work.

Take care and thanks again,

I'm just getting into the document -- this is great stuff! I really do appreciate the level of detail and comprehensiveness of the report. 


Hi John,

Thanks so much for the report.  It was very thorough and I really appreciated all the advise you gave me during the inspection.

Your work certainly exceeded my expectation and I hope we can work together again soon. I would be happy to serve as a reference for you should the need arise.


Best regards,

Hi John,
  Yes I got it...THANK-YOU!!!!!    I can appreciate the depth of your knowlege and experience, I am lucky I found you.   I understand your report and the failings of the house.   I am in emotional upheaval with selling and buying etc. so it is invaluable having your objective assessment as my observations and judgements are clouded not to mention you found many things that I would not have been sensitive to.        You have my heartfelt thankls and surely I'd recomend you to anyone. 

Thank you John!
We really appreciate your service and the quick turnaround. Thanks for making our first time home buying experience with such ease. We would keep you in mind when recommending home inspection services to our friends.
Thanks again.
Hi John,

Thank you for the detailed report! I have started to read it, and I really appreciate the instructions for the repairs and maintenance. We will be referring to this not only now for the immediate repairs, but for years to correctly maintain the house. We feel very lucky you were able to hold that morning in case we could schedule the inspection for that time. Especially for the condition of this house, it is comforting to have such a thorough inspection. Also, your explanations of issues and comments about the house during the inspection were very helpful.

Thank you,
Dear John,

      I just wanted to say thank you for doing our home inspection. We both greatly appreciate how thorough and informative you were during the inspection. The findings of your report made us both feel very confiident about our decision to purchase this home. All the hard work that you put into your report will act as a great guide for us to address not only existing issues, but also issues that may cuase problems for us in the future. Thank you agin for all your help.


                                                                                               Angelo and Jen,

Hi John,
Thanks for working with us to help us ensure we're getting a good home to live in.  I have forwarded the information to my father for the slate.  It was a pleasure working with you, and we appreciate the thorough inspection and quick turnaround on the report.
Thanks and Regards,
Kris and Anita


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