Before buying a home, consider contacting John at Romano Home Inspection to discuss what an inspection will consist of, cost and building a relationship of integrity and trust. 

This may be the biggest financial decision you may make in your life. Don't get stuck with the unknown and unsafe conditions. Hiring us as your inspectors, will give you a clear understanding of what you may be purchasing and what repairs are needed immediately and repairs that may wait.  

We strongly encourage all of our clients to accompany us during the inspection. I suggest you wear clothing you don't mind getting a little dirty as I may want you to look at an area of concern.  You should feel free to ask the me any questions you may have during the inspection process. I will point out areas of the home that may be an issue and explain them to you. I will also show you the good points as well. Plus, we will explain what routine maintenance needed to keep the building in top condition. This will help you to get the most benefit from the inspection and gain the most understanding of the systems that make up your future home, condo, mobile home and how to maintain it.

You will receive a comprehensive narrative written report typically 50 plus pages (email) with photos and diagrams that is easy to understand. Everything identified during the inspection will be included in the report.

Armed with the information our report will provide, you may make your decision with confidence.

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make, Don't get stuck with unknown conditions and unsafe conditions which may cost thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement. We can help. Contact us today.

Standard operating procedure for Romano Home Inspection includes...

  • Incredibly fast response to your request: We will give you personalized information for your particular inspection needs.  
  • Romano Home Inspection guarantees speedy turnaround time: You should expect your report back in a day or two after the inspection.
  • Home Inspections and consulting reports: You can expect that Romano Home Inspection and consulting services are not going to be the same for every one of our customers - there is no "one size fits all". Each report is individually written. 
  • Prompt response to follow-up questions: We will be available to answer any questions regard the inspection and report. Note; We do not bring our cell phones with us during the inspection process. They are left in the vehicle giving you and uninterrupted inspection.